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Unlock the full potential of AI4U Assist with our transparent and fair pricing. We believe in delivering maximum value to our users, ensuring that every penny invested in our app translates to enhanced productivity and ease of use.

People First

At its core, AI4U Assist is a people-first app. We prioritize your needs, ensuring that every feature is designed keeping you in mind.

Always Improving

We’re in a relentless pursuit of excellence, refining AI4U Assist day in and day out to serve you better.

Global Scale

Created for the world, AI4U Assist is versatile – catering to all business and career levels, and transcending language barriers.

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Crafted with Passion and Precision

From the Developers' Heart to You

I’ve poured my heart, soul, and countless hours into AI4U Assist, driven by a singular mission: to empower you. Each line of code is a testament to my dedication and desire to make your life easier and more productive. The late nights, the debugging sessions, the joy of witnessing AI4U Assist come to life – it’s all been a labour of love. Your success and satisfaction are my ultimate rewards, and I am truly humbled to be part of your journey.


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6 Months

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Frequently asked questions

How does the subscription model work?

You can choose from weekly, monthly, 6-month, or yearly subscriptions. Once subscribed, you’ll be granted full access to all the premium features.

What do I gain from the premium features?

With the premium version, you get an ad-free experience, access to all personas (free and pro), the ability to save and continue previous chats, unlimited conversation lengths, extended message lengths, and no usage time limit.

Are there any restrictions on message length in the free version?

Yes, the free version limits messages to 50 characters. Upgrading to premium removes this restriction, allowing for more in-depth conversations.

I often use the app for consecutive days. Will I face any restrictions?

The free version of the app can be used for a maximum of 4 days (either consecutive or non-consecutive). Subscribing to our premium plan removes this limitation.

How do the starter up questions enhance my experience with AI4U Assist?

The starter up questions are meticulously curated to help you kickstart meaningful conversations with your chosen persona. They provide a direction, especially for first-time users, ensuring that you dive straight into productive interactions without the initial hesitation. Upgrading to premium gives you access to ALL of these questions, further enriching your AI4U Assist experience.